Over the past two years for the beginning of the monastery, we have done our best to make the most use of what we have. Many volunteers and even the monks themselves, have helped to refurbish and make the existing shed into a temporary hall, kitchen, dormitory and public toilets. This temporary hall has been used for many activities such as chanting and ceremonies, meditation retreats, monastic events and lay kitchen facilities. After all this hard work, Council has given an order to demolish the shed because the previous owner built this shed illegally.

As such, the monastery will be in urgent need of a hall to function properly as a monastery. The hall will be used as:
– An Eating Hall where the monks will have their daily meal.
– A Meditation and Chanting Hall for monks and laypeople
– Kitchen area to prepare and cook food for offerings to the monks
– Space for laypeople to have their meal after the monks
– Public toilets (sufficient for large events as well)
– Private Monks’ Room with a separate bathroom
– Open dormitory space for guests staying for retreat (with showers)
– Storage space for offerings donated to the monastery


Contributing to the donation of a monastery building is considered to be great merit as it is used by the monks and laypeople alike for the most worthwhile of pursuits – the practice and realisation of Dhamma or Truth. This building is vital in supporting the ongoing monastic routine as well as any monastery events that are held. If you are able to support the monastery and the monks, it will certainly be of great benefit to you and your loved ones for a long time to come.