A Buddhist Monastery of the Thai Forest Tradition in Wilton, NSW
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A Buddhist monastery of the Thai Forest Tradition

Located in Wilton, NSW, just 20 minutes from Wollongong and 1 hour from Sydney, Bodhisaddha provides a forest sanctuary in which monks and laypeople have the opportunity to encounter and practice the path of spiritual development taught by the Buddha.

The resident community of monks have an ideal environment to cultivate lives of meditation and service, while allowing visitors to receive teachings and to develop qualities of generosity, faith, mindfulness and wisdom in line with the Buddhist path.

Dedicated towards bringing peace into the lives of individuals and the surrounding community, Bodhisaddha welcomes all traditions that share this vision.

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Donating blood for the O-Negative shortage in Australia and saving three lives.


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Events at Bodhisaddha Forest Monastery and Bodhikusuma Centre in September.
Bodhisaddha Forest Monasterys Kathina Ceremony
Saturday 7th October 2017, 10am-2pm
295 Wilton Road, Wilton, NSW

Offering the Kathina cloth has been upheld since the time of the Buddha and is traditionally an opportunity for the laity to show support to the monks who lived and practiced together during the Vassa (3 month rains-retreat). 

11 Venerable monks will lead the ceremony, with special visiting monks:
- Tan Chaokhun Samai, abbot, Wat Pa Buddharangsee, Sydney
- Ajahn Kalyano, abbot, Bodhivana Monastery, Melbourne
- Ajahn Dhammasiha, Dhammagiri Hermitage, Brisbane


(Offerings of food to the monks from 9am-10:30am)

10am Monks go for alms around the Muchalinda Dam inside the monastery. Followed by shared lunch for all.

12pm Kathina Robe Offering followed by words of reflection from senior monks.

2pm Ceremony Ends

*Additional Information:

A Kathina robe cloth can be reserved for you (1 per person) to offer on the day. Email your full name and phone number to wat@bodhisaddha.org or call (02) 9211-1188 to reserve. It can be collected in the monastery and is available by donation.
Complimentary bus service leaves from Bodhikusuma Centre, 203-209 Thomas St., Haymarket at 8:30am. Spaces are limited and must be reserved ahead of time.Image attachment


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Jonathon Roberts


541 monks attended the annual meeting of the Ajahn Chah Lineage held on the 16th June 2017 at Wat Nong Pah Pong, Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand.Image attachment
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Bodhisaddha Forest Monastery

295 Wilton Road, Wilton


Open 9am-1pm everyday

Email: wat@bodhisaddha.org

Phone: 0481-811-877

Bodhikusuma Buddhist & Meditation Centre

Stillness in the Heart of Sydney

Level 2, 203-209 Thomas St., Haymarket

Phone: (02) 9211-1188

Email: bmcentre@bodhikusuma.com


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