Generous Offerings Support the Monastery

During the past 2,500 years, support for the monastic life has been provided entirely by lay supporters through daily acts of generosity. In this spirit, support in the form of work, money, foodstuffs, building materials or other help is both appreciated and needed. Your generosity helps the spiritual community to survive and flourish. The steward of the monastery, Bodhisaddha Forest Monastery Property Limited, is a nonprofit organisation who manages all the donations on behalf of the resident monastics and for the development of the monastery. All donations goes solely towards the monks’ requisites and the building of the monastery.

The new Bodhisaddha Hall is currently under construction.

The next stage of development is running services to and around the building. Many important infrastructure must be completed and this makes up a significant amount of this building construction.

The services required are:

Electrical substation installation, gas heating, waste treatment system and grey water runoff, reverse cycle air conditioning, water mains line upgrade, fire hydrants and services, and electrical wiring and plumbing.

Any donors wishing to contribute may contact the monastery committee.

Other general tax-deductible donations to Bodhisaddha Hall may be made through the Building Fund (details below).

Current Development of Bodhisaddha Hall

28th April 2019: Enshrining the Buddha Statue inside Bodhisaddha Hall

(above: current shed used as a hall)

The new Bodhisaddha Hall will be used for many monastery activities including:

– An Eating Hall where monks have their daily meal and meet with visitors

– A Meditation and Chanting Hall for monks and laypeople

Preparation and kitchen area used daily by visitors

– Space for laypeople to have their meal after the monks

Public toilets (sufficient for large events) including disabled bathroom

Monks’ Common room with bathroom and bowl washing area

Open dormitory space for guests staying for retreat (with 4 showers)

Storage space for offerings donated to the monastery

How you can support the monastery

The monks build the laypeople, the laypeople build the monastery.

Venerable Ajahn Anan

Giving is the same as receiving, because giving is the cause for receiving.

Venerable Ajahn Anan

Five blessings accrue to the giver of alms:

– the affection of many

– noble association

– good reputation

– self-confidence

– a heavenly rebirth.

The Buddha, Anguttara Nikaya VII.54

The gift of Dhamma excels all gifts,

the taste of Dhamma excels all tastes,

the delight in Dhamma excels all delights.

The eradication of craving overcomes all suffering.

The Buddha, Dhammapada 354

Neither fire nor wind, birth or death can erase our good deeds.

The Buddha

We rejoice in your generosity

We welcome any donations and support people can give to the monastery and the resident monks. May this generosity by a cause for your continuing happiness, good health, prosperity and ultimate liberation.

All donations to the Building Fund are tax deductible for Australian tax-payers. If you would like a receipt for your donation, email and include your full name, email, donation amount and date of the donation so we can send you a receipt. Processing time may take up to 2 weeks.