Venerable Ajahn Chah was a monk who sought to practice the Dhamma to its conclusion. He spent many years wandering and living austerely in forests, caves, and cremation grounds, and in 1954 established Wat Nong Pa Pong where many monks from Thailand and abroad eventually came to stay. Ajahn Chah taught in a straightforward way, allowing his students to quickly develop themselves.

​In 1976, Ajahn Sumedho established a forest monastery in England, the first of many Wat Nong Pa Pong branch monasteries that today are spread around the world.

In 1992, Ajahn Chah passed away due to a longterm illness. His funeral was attended by over a million people, including the King and Queen of Thailand, paying their last respects to a monk who truly embodied the Buddha’s teachings.

Even today, the number of his branch monasteries and disciples are still growing, something unprecedented within the Thai Forest Tradition.